Life – A Beautiful Mess

Life - A beautiful mess

Life is messy, hard, heartbreaking and beautiful all at once. You can make plans and you can set goals. You can map out in detail what your future will look like, take all the necessary steps to get there, do everything absolutely right and still end up arriving in someplace you never imagined you would be.

This “other place” – it could be far more beautiful and glorious than anything you ever dreamed of. Or it could be a living nightmare.

The thing is – life happens. Life – it consists of death, sickness, grief, human flaws, and tragedies galore. No one plans for these things. You don’t sit down with your pretty pen in hand and script out “surviving a parents untimely death” (and what is that, anyways — is any death ever ‘timely’?) You don’t decide that one of the things you want to include in your future is struggling to get out of bed every. damn. day due to a debilitating illness.

You surely don’t write out or even tentatively plan for a child having a terminal illness, a teenager dying in a car crash, or your beloved child succumbing to the horrors of substance abuse. Nor do you choose to plan for your spouse – your partner-in-life and soulmate – dying young and leaving you to figure out how to go on. Sometimes these unplanned events are as simple as losing a job. Who imagined when they wrote out their goals that they would get laid off from their dream job prematurely? And spend 6 months, a year or more looking for a new one that provides even half as much income or benefits, losing your car and your home in the process. Who knew they would later be diagnosed with a mental illness and fight every single day to silence the voices in their head? And whoever planned to spend a night on the street covered in their own filth, taking the first step towards homelessness, hopelessness, and despair?

But here we are.

Life is hard. It’s messy, it’s scary, it’s filled with tears and agony but it’s also filled with beautiful, glorious, better-than-you-ever-could-have-imagined moments. If you’re going through the trenches right now, faced with the unthinkable or just filled with worry know that this too will pass. Just as the good passes, so does the bad. Hold on for that sunrise – it is coming.

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